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La Solution de stockage pour les gabarits Kreg® Et accessoires

  • Inserts outil personnalisé
  • Polyvalente des baies de stockage
  • Construction durable
  • Sommaire de cas visibles

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System Organizer est l’endroit idéal pour stocker et organiser toutes vos pièces de système de système d'assemblage — votre Kreg gabarit®, Colliers Kreg, Kreg vis, percer et pilote bits et plus. Une partie du plateau de l’organisateur peut être enlevé pour le stockage d’autres éléments tels que le Pin étagère Kreg gabarit, compact de perceuses et de pilotes et plus encore.

Il est facile de garder une trace de tout stocké dans System Organizer grâce à un couvercle transparent. Une paire de robustes fermoirs s’assurer que le couvercle reste fermé, et une grosse poignée facilite l’organisateur à porter et prenez vos outils Kreg en déplacement.

System Organizer a une insertion personnalisés pour contenir les éléments suivants :

  • 1 Kreg gabarit® (Modèle K5 et K3 K4)
  • Kreg Jig® K5 Ailes de stockage
  • 4 Standard Stepped Drill Bits
  • 7 Bits d’emmanchement carré 6" ou 3" standards
  • 3-Collier d’arrêt hexagonales
  • Micro-Pocket™ Drill Guide Block
  • 2 morceaux de percer Micro-Pocket™
  • Kreg Jig® ultra-résistant
  • Kreg Jig® HD Drill Bit
  • Kreg Jig® HD-emmanchement carré Bit
  • Kreg pinces
  • Jusqu'à 6 Kreg vis 100-nombre de conteneurs

En outre, une partie du plateau de l’organisateur peut être enlevée pour le stockage d’autres éléments tels que :

  • Jusqu'à 6 contenants de 500-comte Kreg vis
  • Colliers supplémentaires
  • Kreg étagère Pin gabarit
  • Perceuses compactes et pilotes

Il est facile de garder une trace de tout stocké dans System Organizer, aussi, grâce à un couvercle transparent. Une paire de robustes fermoirs s’assurer que le couvercle reste fermé, et une grosse poignée, l’organisateur est facile à transporter.



Polymère durable, résistant aux chocs

Dimensions hors-tout

18" x 15 large1/4« tall x 65/8« deep
457 x 387 x 168 mm


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I don't have one, but, $40???


By Gerald Lynn

September 11, 2017

Good Product

Let me start of by saying I personally love the Kreg tool system and all the many items to help even the novice of builders to produce great items. Now on to my review of the System Organizer, I know this is a new item to the Kreg family but maybe my input will help them further improve on it. Once I received it in the mail I noticed its size which was great. I figured it would fit an abundance of items and I was not disappointed in that, as it did hold quite-a-bit like the Kreg Jig HD, Micro-Pocket Drill Guide, K-5 master system and various items such as Clamps/stop collars/drill bits. If you are looking to keep your items under control this is the one to get. But with that being said let me give you some of the cons; This hinges on the back to keep the top secured to the box is plastic and the pin seems to be plastic as well. Not to mention the latches on the front are all plastic and I fear with minimal amount of force they would break. Example: if it was left in your garage during the cold season and then bumped would they break easy? I only wish they would have made the hinges and the locking clamps of a metal construction instead of the plastic. With all that it holds and pictures showing it holding the K-5 master system one thing it did not have a place for was the Portable Base. I tried to place it under the storage wigs but it failed to fit so I ended up placing it on my K-5 where you place your item to be held for drilling. That seems to be the only place it would fit easily. In closing this item is a great deal for the price tag, I would rate this product as a 4 stars as it fulfills its purpose for an organizer but do to what I feel is a weak point (plastic hinges/latches) I could not give it a complete 5 stars. I hope this review helps you in your decision to purchase this item as it is a great deal for the price you are paying


By Anthony Morris

March 18, 2016

Nearly Fills the bill

Reference Point. I've been a Kreg Jig user since the ORIGINAL. I have both sizes of the previous storage containers. Where those containers excel is in the screw storage department. Not so much in the tools and accessories storage. Always digging to find some lost part in the bottom. This new organizer is TOPS in tool storage and organization. Not so much in the screw organization department. Yes, you can remove parts of the trays to accommodate boxes of screws, but then were do your mini-and maxi- drill guides go? Reality Check. Darn hard to hold ALL your Kreg pocket hole tools and accessories PLUS nominal screw storage. Last on my wish list as a user of Festool and Tanos storage boxes, I'd sure like to see and insert and upper tray to hold Kreg Pocket Hole Tools, accessories, and a selection of screws for each for regular, mini, and maxi pocket holes to fit a #2 off #3 Tanos box. Love my Kreg #5 Jig!


By Steven Jaynes

January 27, 2016

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