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Prendre la conjecture hors coupe de moulure couronnée

  • Facile à utiliser pour les coins intérieurs et extérieurs
  • Fonctionne avec Corniche jusqu'à 51/2« (138mm) large
  • Élimine le besoin pour les coupes d’angle composé difficiles
  • Viseur d’Angle inclus assure des résultats précis
  • Support, base peut être bloquée dans n’importe quel angle de printemps entre 30-60 °
  • 8 pieds en caoutchouc antidérapants garantissent une solide
  • Des instructions simples vous montrent comment faire pour obtenir le droit de couper chaque fois

$29.99 USD


Ajouter au panier


Installation de moulure est l’une des meilleures façons d’ajouter de la valeur instantanée à votre domicile. The Kreg Crown-Pro™ simplifie les plus frustrant des étapes du processus, afin de vous faire moins de fautes et d’obtenir plus rapidement le travail !

Angles exacts
Cet outil unique conçu détient vos garnitures à l’angle exact requis, éliminant le besoin pour les coupes d’onglets avancé et difficile « adaptation ».

Polyvalent et Compatible
Il a courbé permet de conception que vous compenser pour une grande variété de printemps angles de corniche et son extension bras vous permet de que travailler avec couronne jusqu'à 51/2"(140mm) large.

Viseur d’Angle facile
The Crown-Pro™ vient avec un viseur d’Angle réglable qui vous montre facilement l’angle exact de l’intérieur et en dehors des coins. De plus, vous pouvez utiliser le viseur d’Angle pour vérifier l’angle de printemps de vos moulures.

Scies à 10"(254mm) travaillera avec couronne jusqu'à 31/2« (89mm) de large, selon fabricant.
Scies à 12"(305mm) travaillera avec couronne jusqu'à 51/2« (140mm) de large, selon fabricant.

Résidents de la Californie : Informations sur la proposition 65


Scies à 10"(254mm)

Travaillera avec couronne jusqu'à 31/2« (89mm) de large, selon fabricant.

Scies à 12"(305mm)

Travaillera avec couronne jusqu'à 51/2« (140mm) de large, selon fabricant.


(1) la Couronne-Pro™ et manuel du propriétaire

Manuel Manuel de l’Amérique du Nord

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Needs robustness

The jig suffers from distortion when pressure is place on one end or another to hold the stock in place. During installation of 1600 feet of molding we found first that the angle adjustment had slipped (perhaps not tightened enough), but then after marking the seating on each end to watch for slippage, we discovered that one end had twisted. The lower lip was also flexible, and for our molding it would have been nice to be a bit deeper. Finally, it would be nice to have cork or rubber on the face to help steady the stock. We'll continue to use it with the above precautions, but a second, more robust version should be planned. For a big job, we would use two jigs to avoid moving it back and forth from left to right side of the saw blade.


By Frederick Grose

April 26, 2017

Awsome Product

We purchased this to put crown molding in the kitchen. After reading the manual, watching the product video, and watching the crown molding installation video with professional builder Gary Streigler we got our crown molding up first time no problems. If you do what I said above you will have no problems either. Someone said the manual did not say to cut the molding upside down (the most decorative side up) you are wrong and did not read the manual because it is in there.


By Ron Bertke

July 4, 2016

Great tool that makes Coving a dream!

Coving a room has always been one of those tasks you either love or hate, I have tried many different jigs over the years and all have had some small amount of success, but this jig from the guys at Kreg is just a dream to use, it makes perfect cuts every time and the joints are never out, its so easy to use and makes an annoying job a joy to do, the only reason that I did not give it a full house with regards to stars is because the bottom lip of the jig is way too small for most of the coving that we have here in the UK, if this was just a cm or two larger it would be a perfect jig. Well worth the cost and well recommended...


By James SawleJamesS

November 29, 2014

Love the Crown-Pro!!

I mangled 3 nice pieces of crown molding and, of course, suffered a berating from my wife for my effort....I guess the You tube videos didn't quite cut the mustard on this one. I purchased the Kreg Crown-Pro, received it in a couple of days and within a couple of hours had my crown molding cut and installed. The instruction booklet was clearly written on how to find the 'spring angle' on any crown molding using their angle finding tool and has clearly printed diagrams to show the position of the molding, and the miter saw, for each cut. The Crown-Pro is easy to set up and to use and is most definitely worth the price considering the cost of crown molding. Kelly Wunderlich, Bend, OR.


By Kelly Wunderlich

July 22, 2014

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