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Réalisez facilement des coupes droites, précises et sans éclats

  • Rip, cross cut, and make angled cuts up to 50" long in plywood, MDF, and panels
  • Alignez le rail de guidage avec vos repères pour effectuer des coupes précises
  • Fixez le rail sans colliers de serrage grâce à des bandes de guidage antidérapantes
  • Évitez les éclats grâce à des bandes de pare éclat qui maintiennent le matériau pendant la coupe
  • BEGIN coupe facilement avec un bloc de départ qui supporte la scie et permet un fonctionnement garde lame normale
  • Le chariot universel accepte presque toutes les scies circulaires - lame à gauche ou à droite
  • Le chariot universel est compatible avec le Kreg Rip-Cut™
  • Exploitez votre scie sans avoir besoin de déplacer la pièce que vous coupez
  • Regardez comment dépiécer de grands panneaux avec l'Accu-Cut et le Rip-Cut

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Transform your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided cutting tool

Start projects right by making straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts with your circular saw and the Accu-Cut™ Circular Saw Track Guide. It rips, crosscuts and makes angled cuts up to 50" long in plywood, MDF, and other large panels with super simple setup, precise accuracy, and amazing control.

L'Accu-Cut guide la scie circulaire le long d'un rail en aluminium qui permet à la scie de se déplacer aisément suivant une ligne droite. La conception de l'Accu-Cut™ simplifie le réglage en alignant simplement le rail sur la ligne de coupe. Grâce à la double bande de guidage, il n'est pas nécessaire d'utiliser des colliers de serrage pour maintenir le rail en place. Ces bandes possèdent un revêtement antidérapant pour prévenir le glissement et un dispositif de pare éclat pour éviter les éclats. De plus, le rail permet de réaliser facilement des coupes droites sur des pièces dont le bord n'est pas droit et plat.

Les scies circulaires n'ont pas de guides appropriés qui les maintiennent alignées le long de la ligne de coupe. En plus, il peut être difficile de voir la trajectoire de coupe de la lame. À cause de ces deux faits, il est difficile de garder la scie sur la coupe désirée. Les scies circulaires provoquent aussi souvent les éclats des placages extérieurs. L'Accu-Cut™ résout ces problèmes. En plus, il est portable, ce qui permet de couper la pièce avec précision sans la déplacer, au lieu de manier de lourds panneaux sur la table à scie. 

L'Accu-Cut™ est intuitif et facile à utiliser pour les novices, mais très robuste pour les professionnels. C'est aussi l'outil idéal pour les utilisateurs moins expérimentés, car il élimine le besoin de garder la scie droite et de la guider manuellement le long de la ligne de coupe. L'Accu-Cut™ augmente aussi la rapidité et le rendement des professionnels, car il permet de réaliser rapidement et facilement une grande variété de coupes en atelier et sur le chantier.

Différence entre l'Accu-Cut et le Rip-Cut

Comment dépiécer de grands panneaux avec l'Accu-Cut™ et le Rip-Cut™

Utiliser le chariot du Rip-Cut avec l'Accu-Cut

Comment utiliser le chariot universel de l'Accu-Cut™ avec le Rip-Cut™


Rail de guidage

Aluminium de qualité aéronautique avec deux bandes de guidage antidérapantes et pare éclat 

Chariot de la scie

Accepte les scies à lame gauche et droite
Butée de position et curseur de précision intégrés

Longueur de coupe

Maximum 50" (1270mm)


(1) Chariot universel, (2) Rails de guidage en aluminium de 673 mm (26,5"), (2) Raccordements de rails (1) Bloc de départ, (1) Pince d'indicateur de rail, instructions détaillées d'installation et d'utilisation


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Manuel Manuel de l’Amérique du Nord

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Does the job

I used to use a piece of 1x3 (various lengths) clamped to plywood for the rip and crosscuts, but the Accu-Cut does it better than the way I used to do it. It is sturdy (stays in place), accurate, and easy to configure for my Milwaukee circular saw.


By Alan Borack

June 28, 2019

Too much slop between track and saw.

I’ve tried to use the accu-cut several times. I have been disappointed with the results. While setting up the saw I noticed the track and plate were not a snug fit. This slop allows the saw to cut a quite crooked line. To combat this I would have to hold the saw tight against one side or the other of the track by pushing sideways to follow only one side of the track. However, this would cause the blade to contact the rubber edge or blade to not line up with the edge. This also caused the track to bind and to slip on the material. I’m sure this tool is better than freehanding a long cut. However, it cost way more than it should for the lack of precision.i purchased the track for a project but had to abandon my plans to use it due to poor performance. I therefore had to make all my cuts the old fashioned way. A trim board and two clamps. This worked way better and was pretty much free.


By Jason Hall

May 6, 2019

Very accurate

I found this product to be very accurate and it works perfectly with my Makita cordless circular saw. Would love to see more track sold separately.


By Alan Reddick

January 29, 2019

Enables Precision Cuts

Purchased Rip Cut first. Liked it. Saw a need and use for the Accu Cut. I am a DIY in the strictest sense of the term. I don't have a shop. I work in my garage. I share it with my wife's car and all the other "stuff" that is in there. I lay my materials out on the floor to cut them. I was ok if there was a little wobble in the cut lines or if the measurements were slightly off every now and then. Just part of the deal, ya know? I set the Accu Cut up as per the directions and it made a straight cut on the mark the first time. I swap my saw, in the sled, between the Rip Cut and the Accu Cut and I make precision cuts every time. The only thing I can comment on that might be construed as negative is the set screws where the track joins tends to loosen when moving the track around. Thought about Loctite but want to be able to take it apart to store in tool cabinet so I just periodically check them for tightness. Accu Cut has definitely made DIY projects easier with better end results for me.


By David Bankston

November 26, 2018


II purchased the Accu-cut in November 2017 and have used it a number of times in my workshop. Generally it is a useful addition to the shop, however, I have experienced some disappointing difficulties in its use. Firstly when attaching the base slide unit to my 91/4" Triton circular saw I am unable to use the stop block which is essential to the quick removal and replacement of the saw. The Triton's base plate is about 1/4" too wide to allow the positioning of the stop block. This is not a major issue for me and I am able to switch the saw in and out with a minimum of fuss it just took a bit of thought and effort to get it right the first time. The Major limitation for me is the lack of clamping mechanisms to fix the track to the material to be cut. I have no problems with plywood but the track continues to slip and slide when used on MDF. I have certainly ensured that the black rubber backing on the track and the MDF are clean of all sawdust etc and have even resorted to vacuuming the MDF and the track but to no avail it continues to move of the line . I hope that your design engineers can eventually fix this issue and manufacture something thatn can be retrofitted to the accu-cut slide. I am more than satisfied with the many other Kreg tool, and jigs and will continue to purchase your products as and when required. Regards, Richard Monk


By Richard Monk

November 20, 2018

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