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Simplifie les mesurages et le traçage

  • Trois configurations d'échelle
  • Échelle métrique et impériale
  • Niveau torpille intégré
  • 3/16Gauge rétractable de 5 mm (3/16")
  • Design compact et durable

$14.99 USD


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Le Multi-Mark™ est un outil multi-usage très pratique pour marquage et mesurage, idéal pour une foule de tâches à la maison et au travail. Le Multi-Mark™ comprend trois échelles de configurations, un niveau intégré, une gauge rétractable de 5 mm ( 3/16") et bien plus Que ce soit pour transférer une mesure, tracer des coins à onglet, ou aligner et redresser des pièces, le Multi-Mark™ est le seul outil dont vous avez besoin.

Un outil multi-usage :

  • Tracer les coins à onglet
  • Régler les rebords de 5 mm ( 3/16") pour les garnitures et cadres
  • Transférer les mesures
  • Aligner et équarrir les projets
  • Régler les hauteurs du foret et de la lame
  • Disposer les poteaux muraux
  • Sert de règle simple
  • Sert de planche de référence
  • Crée des marquages pour traçage
  • Sert de niveau

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(1) Multi-Mark™ et manuel d'utilisation


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Too Much Play in the Straight Edge

For being advertised as a guide for squaring projects, there is too much play in the tool when it’s in the 90 degree slot. There’s 3/16” of play at the tip at full extension. With how small the tool is, I’d figure it to be more precise and a tighter fit for the ruler than that. This is the first tool I’m a little disappointed in from Kreg.


By Tyler Kytola

January 14, 2019

Not all it could have been

I purchased one of these compact squares with the intent of using it to draw lines a specific distance from the edge of a work piece. The tool works fine for this purpose as long as the line is no more than more than 4 1/2 inches form the edge in right angle mode or 3 7/8 inches in in-line mode. The tool is small so these are acceptable limitations. There are what I perceive as two design flaws. First, the 45° setting can be used securely in only one position. The chamfer is way too thin in the opposite direction. The tool could have been designed to be 3/4 inch thick with an increased lip on the chamfered side. Second, there is no accurate way to transfer the setting by which the edge to be cut can be transferred from the tool to set the fence on a bench or table saw. Given these caveats, the tool is a nifty pocket-size right angle and miter gauge.


By Kenneth Keown

November 17, 2017

Go To Tool

I love this tool it is one I keep nearby as it is versatile. Everyone should have one in their toolbox/belt.


By Joe Schindler

October 29, 2017

Nifty combination tool

Pick this up for free from HD when I purchased the K4 master kit. As another has stated, it does have some short falls. My biggest complaint is the 45° is one way, you can make it go the other way and lay flat on your material. removing the screw everytime you switch between 45 and 90 is a little annoying. Other than that, I use this tool a lot. it is very handy for numerous things from angles to leveling. I do find mine to be very accurate and would consider the normal price asked to be fair.


By Nathan Harris

October 29, 2014

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